Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic 2 – Jon Jones’ Prediction of who will win


Stipe Miocic already has his impending rematch for the UFC World Heavyweight Championship. Miocic is focused on getting back the belt even though he said that his rival “Daniel Cormier is an idiot“. Frankly, no one can say that he does not deserve it. But even so, both the UFC and Daniel Cormier wanted to put it aside. At least from his point of view, that he has made it clear that he does not have a good opinion of his rival.

In the coming weeks and as we have seen so far both fighters have been talking about their second fight and what fans can expect. But now it’s Jon Jones’ turn as he weighs in on the two titans that are set to battle. In a recent interview with BT Sport, the UFC World Heavyweight Champion gave his prediction.

“I think Stipe put up a better fight, but I think ‘DC’ will win again. ‘DC’ is an extraordinary athlete. His flexibility and his speed for the way he’s built doesn’t really make sense. He’s a special athlete. I don’t think most guys will beat ‘DC.’ The way to beat ‘DC’ is just to catch him with a knockout shot, which Stipe has the power to do. The question is, can he land it? I think ‘DC’ is smart; he’s gonna use his wrestling and wit to find a way to win again”

“Bones” is clear that his biggest rival is not going to return to his division, so according to his point of view, the only chance for them to have a third fight is in the heavyweight. However, it is not clear if that will happen. At the moment, both are busy with their own matches for their respective championships. It is clear that Jones has DC to win who is your pick?

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