Michael ‘Venom’ Page Made His Boxing Debut and He Looked Drunk


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MVP is known for his stellar highlight reel over in Bellator, and after seeing Conor make the switch to boxing, he decided to do the same thing, and recently had his very first pro boxing debut. Rather than fighting the best boxer in the world with a 49-0 record, Michael Page took a slightly more practical route, fighting a boxer named Jonathan Castano who had a record of 2-11-1 at the time.

Michael Page has a bit of a reputation for taking on easier opponents, which allows him to fight in such an unorthodox and flashy way. In this fight, he was practically stumbling around and acting drunk, before ultimately getting the finish. He takes clowning his opponent to a whole other level, but hopefully we’ll see him fighting some higher-level opponents in MMA soon.

We don’t want to take anything away from the other boxer, or anyone who MVP has beat in stunning fashion, no disrespect to anyone, they just got booked in a fight against a guy who was looking to crush some cans rather than to fight someone with his own level of skills and experience.


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