Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor Begin Negotiations To Fight In 2018


Filipino boxing champion the great Manny Pacquiao stated he is currently in talks with Conor McGregor the MMA start combat fighter. Pacquiao said that an eventual fight will be soon, most likely in April when he breaks form his other duties.

“If we can negotiate it, there’s no problem. It’s good for both of us”  Pacquiao said.

The last time McGregor entered the boxing ring in August this year, as expected, he lost to boxer Floyd Mayweather, in an eagerly anticipated confronation. As for Pacquiao, who turns 39 this month,  he has lost his welterweight belt in the World Boxing Organization (WBO) in July to Australian Jeff Horn. McGregor has been absent from the combat fighting since his defeat to Mayweather by technical KO in Las Vegas.

Both McGregor and Pacquiao share one fate in common when they fight against each other, that is they both lost to Mayweather. Pacquiao had suffered a disappointing fight against the boxing champion Mayweather in Las Vegas back in 2015.

pacquiao and mcgregor
Pacquiao has become a national hero in boxing and has stared a career in politics where he was elected to the senate in 2016. It is yet to see if McGregor is putting his focus now on boxing rather than UFC.

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