Diego Sanchez faces Isaac ‘The Shermanator’ Marquez who has Down syndrome


UFC fighter Diego Sanchez has no doubt that he has a big heart, he has helped fulfill a superfan’s dream come true, it is Isaac ‘The Shermanator’ Marquez who suffers from Down syndrome. Diego Sanchez, the winner of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter in the middleweight division and multiple winner “Fight of the Night”, met Márquez at his gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico earlier this year.

Márquez has always dreamed of being an MMA fighter despite being a person with a disability but he likes to fight. ‘Sherminator’ got all the applause at the “Jackson Wink Fight Night 2” event in Albuquerque who defeated Sanchez for finishing.

'The Shermanator' Marquez who has Down syndrome make his dream…

'The Shermanator' Marquez who has Down syndrome defeats Diego Sanchez

Posted by MMA Knockout Art on Monday, December 4, 2017

“Most adults with Down syndrome do not live beyond 45,” Sanchez told KRQE Radio before the fight. “Isaac is 32 years old, and I just wanted to see this young man healthy. Exercise and martial arts are one of the healthiest things you can do.  “He came to see the gym and I said, ‘Do you like MMA?’ And he told me: ‘I love to fight’, and then I said: ‘Okay. Are you here to just watch or do you want to train? “And he said:” I want to train. ” “Then, I said well, let’s do this. He believes it with all his heart, so I’m going to make it happen. ” declare Diego Sanchez


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Love for the sport

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