Justin Bieber Involved in Hotel Brawl


Justin Bieber is well known for doing dumb sh*t, but when he gets himself into street fights, people become very interested.

Justin, 22 was captured on camera yesterday, getting into a fight with a bigger guy than himself. This all took place outside his Cleveland hotel.

 Justin posted this selfie to Instagram shortly after the incident

Justin posted this selfie to Instagram shortly after the incident

We don’t know why this brawl came about, but TMZ reported that Bieber was already in an irritated state, being “forced” into lots selfies with waiting fans. As some of you may know, Bieber doesn’t take kindly to being asked constantly for a selfie. He is known for his selfie rage.

Justin was in Cleveland to catch the game 3 of the NBA finals. He was dressed in his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, so this fight might of been some passionate debate about the game.. who knows.

 Not your average pop star:  Justin doesn't like to shy away from a fight

Not your average pop star: Justin doesn’t like to shy away from a fight

You have to hand it to Bieber, this guy was much bigger than him, having seen the big guy throw the first punch at Justin then Justin throws his own punch immediately back, Justin has some heart on him.

Bystanders wasted no time in stepping in and breaking up the impromptu fight which left almost everyone falling to the ground.

Floyd Mayweather Jr was asked about his opinion on the fight, although Mayweather said he had not seen the whole video, he did say that his pal, Justin, showed a lot of heart in not backing away from the fight. Especially considering the guy was double Justin’s size.

“I don’t know why he’s fighting but he’s ready. At the end of the day, people will say what they want to say. Justin Bieber ain’t no bitch.
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