Jon Jones reveals real reason he failed drug test: “I have a HUUGE c***. It’s too big.”


We’ve heard some crazy excuses for failed drug tests in the UFC, everything from horse and kangaroo meat, to tainted male enhancement pills. Jon Jones failed his drug test due to a tained off-brand Cialis pill that he took when a random buddy from his gym gave it to him. If that sounds really sketchy and far-fetched, that’s because it is. When you’re a pro fighter, you can’t just be going and putting any random pills in your mouth, especially weird off-brand ones. Low and behold, Jon’s positive test was due to a tainted pill, and definitely had nothing  to do with the fact that he was training in a powerlifting gym filled with roided-out monsters.


Joe Rogan asked the question everyone was wondering. He asked why a guy like Jones, who is young and in prime physical shape, would need to take male enhancement pills in the first place. It sounded like Jon Jones had this answer lined up and deck just waiting, and here’s what he said:

The whole interview is kind of weird because Jon really doesn’t seem to feel bad about what he did. His first concern, even now, months later with rehearsed answers, was to worry about how HE would be impacted by the hit and run when he hit a pregnant woman. His reaction wasn’t “Oh shoot, I hit someone. And she was pregnant? NOOO!!! Is she okay? Is the baby okay?” His reaction, even after all this time, is “Oh no, she’s pregnant? That makes me look SOOO much worse.”…

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