Hulk Hogan Misses Call From Agent to Sponsor New Indoor Grill. George Foreman Has Since Earned $200 Million from It.


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The George Foreman Grill is a staple of many kitchens…but did you know that it could’ve been the Hulk Hogan Grill?

Apparently in the early 1990s, Hogan’s agent reached out to him about sponsoring an indoor grill manufactured by Russell Hobbs Inc. (which was actually a gigantic iron for food). Depending on the story, Hogan either missed the phone call from his agent while picking his children up from school, or passed on endorsing the product.

His agent would then call up one of his other clients, legendary boxer George Foreman, who ran with the idea, and credited healthy eating for his return to boxing following a brief retirement. The appliance would sell over 100 million units, and Foreman would make hundreds of millions of dollars off it.
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