PRANK ALERT! Jim Ross Is Not Dead, Just Kind of Old


Wrestling fans got a big scare last night when a post came up on Twitter saying that legendary WWF/WWE commentator Jim Ross had died. The tweet, made from Ross’ own Twitter account of @JRsBBQ, contained an image that featured a family statement saying that the WWE legend had died peacefully in his sleep, with his longtime friend @WhiteLeedsSite by his side.


This is the post that caused the waterfall of tears from wrestling fans. While it has since been deleted, the post was preserved by the fine folks at Cageside Seats.

It was a massive shock to wrestling fans, as there was no word that Ross was struggling with his health and was still actively blogging and posting on social media just the day before. Sad, sad stuff…


To be fair, a barbecue mogul dying suddenly after years of eating red meat slathered in high-sodium sauce wouldn’t be all that shocking.

When the initial shock wore off, however, fans started turning a critical eye to the post…and when you do think about it, it does seem weird that a lower-mid-tier British soccer team would have flown out to Oklahoma to hang out with a pro wrestling commentator. Thankfully, those suspicions  turned out to be spot on. Ross is alive…and pissed off.

So what does he have to say about this situation? Find out on the next page.

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