Georges St-Pierre Promises Knockout and Submission Upon His Return


Georges St-Pierre is a sports legend and one of the most dominant champions in UFC history, but was not exactly known for his killer instinct. In his already famous run of 12 fights “Rush” scored only three finals, but the Canadian promises that it will not be like that in his return to the competition: “I trained a lot of things, I will seek to hurt my rivals and get the finishing “, him St-Pierre told The MMA Hour. ” I’m going to look for the knockout or I’ll try to break something into submission until they surrender. I’ll be more opportunistic . ”

Georges St-Pierre vows to finish fights in UFC return: ‘I’m gonna be more there to hurt guys’

The 36-year-old former champion makes a confession about the end of his reign, but also believes that part of it falls on his opponents: ” They accepted defeat, they knew they were going to lose before the end. They did not fight to win, they tried not to get very injured, “said St-Pierre of his past rivals, including figures such as Matt Hughes , BJ Penn , Nick Diaz and others.

Rush admits, however, that he thought too much and did not focus as he should in closing the meetings: ” I fought to win, but it is difficult. If you expose yourself you can get hurt, and if you are winning you see no reason to change. ”
And as to how this will affect his fight with middleweight champion Michael Bisping , St-Pierre said he does not think the Brit will break like other rivals in his past: “It’s going to be difficult. Michael is a man of great courage, he always advances, he never gives in to any challenge. Mentally, it’s very hard . “

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