Conor McGregor, Mayweather Jr. Will Need Bruce Lee To Train Him


As we know by now that Conor McGregor will face-off with Floyd Mayweather Jr. next Saturday. This will be McGregor’s debut in the professional boxing arena and the Irishman has been training hard, knowing that he is entering the fight not being the favorite to win.

However, McGregor in his usual trash talk style has taken to the media to bash both Floyd Mayweather Sr and Jr. In his latest interview with ‘The Mac Life’, Conor basically states that no one alive right not can imitates his moves. Then goes on to further imply that; it does matter who Floyd trains with he cannot match the Irishman move unless he bring the legend Bruce Lee back from the dead to train Mayweather Jr. Conor in his own words states,

Conor McGregor: “Is there another martial artist like me? (Floyd) would have to reincarnate Bruce Lee, and that’s the only person I could bring (to his training camp) which I could imitate (the moves) that I’m going to make. I’m not like any other martial artist. I’m not like any other boxer. I am in my own division, and I will prove it next August 26th.”

Is Conor is referring to one of these moves that Maywheather will have to learn.

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