Conor’s Girl: wake up at 3am and Conor is shadowboxing in underwear


Conor’s Girl Talks about how the UFC champ has been training almost 24 hours day for this fight she said ‘I wake up at 3am and Conor is shadowboxing in his underwear’ UFC champion said he is eager to fight Mayweather Jr.


Conor McGregor in Underwear

Conor McGregor shadow boxing at 3am in the morning

On Showtime’s most recent episode of All Access, McGregor’s longtime girlfriend, Dee Devlin, talked about McGregor’s obsession with his next fight and rightfully so too.

“Sometimes I wake up and he’s shadowboxing in his underwear at 3 am in the morning,” Devlin said about McGregor.

McGregor’s obsession with fighting has led to him being the biggest star in the UFC. Going into his professional boxing debut, McGregor is one of the best pound-for-pound MMA fighters in the world.

This will be Conor McGregor debut into boxing world and he is looking forward to it. see video Conor trash talks with Mayweather Sr. Conor thought it was fun trash talking Mayweather Sr. It got really heated on Mayweather Sr. side

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