Conor McGregor vs Khabib, UFC 229: What You Need To Know


Well we all know by now unless you been living under a rock. Conor McGregor decided to return to the UFC Octagon. I been about roughly two years ago when we last saw this Irishman fight in UFC, then he fought Eddie Alvarez to claim the lightweight title in two rounds. Nonetheless McGregor with all the controversy has been keeping himself busy at times with too much negative as some would say occupation. McGregor has been involved in a number of controversies over the past two years.

Regardless, he became the first man in the history of UFC fighting hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously, not to mention his epic fight against Floyd Mayweather in the most lucrative boxing match ever. But his latest challenge is arguably be his toughest to date. Khabib Nurmagomedov boasts an unblemished professional record and currently holds the longest undefeated streak in MMA history, with 26 wins. Here’s everything you need to know.

Their records?

  • Nurmagomedov: 26 fights, 26 wins. (8 KOs, 8 submissions, 10 decisions.)
  • McGregor: 24 fights, 21 wins, 3 losses. (18 KOs, 1 submission, 2 decisions.) (All defeats by way of submission.)

People Been Talking!

Javier Mendez, Nurmagomedov’s striking coach: “There’s no amount of time that we have that’s going to help us to try and get him to stand up. There’s no way possible. So, I’m not gonna say, ‘Oh yeah, we’re gonna get him ready’… come on…wake up…it ain’t gonna work.”

“We have to fight our strengths, we have to find ways of opening the doors to where his weaknesses are and likewise. This is basically the classic grappler versus striker fight. Keep in mind that they can both grapple and they can both strike, it’s just one is better than the other at (each discipline). “We’re the better grappler, he’s the better striker, but that doesn’t mean we won’t strike, it just means he’s better. It’s about who plays whose game.”

Khabib vs Conor UFC 229

Owen Roddy, McGregor’s striking coach, has his piece to say about McGregor being away from the Octagon for so long: “Other people are affected by that. Even myself, I would have been very nervous if I hadn’t fought. Conor’s different.

“When he goes in there, it doesn’t matter if he fought last week or two years ago, he gets in there and he’s just always on point, always focused.

“He’s just the person that he always is in there. Nothing changes that.

“The work will be ending outside the Octagon and Conor will still just focus on what he’s doing in the cage.

“He’s just got an unbelievable ability to over-perform in the Octagon.”

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