Anderson Silva: use steroids that would be stupid of me, I’m not in the beginning of my career


Anderson Silva denies knowingly using the forbidden substances that earned him his potential violation of the UFC’s anti – doping policies . There is still no official information about his case, but the 42-year-old former middleweight champion has his theory: “Maybe the supplements I’m using are contaminated. I do not know, I’m just waiting,” DeSilva told TMZ in his first on-camera interview since his doping case. “Because obviously, using steroids would be stupid of me. I’m very old, I’m not at the beginning of my career. I’m in the end

I’m waiting for USADA and my lawyers, and hopefully I’ll be able to fight Roy Jones Jr. soon. That’s my dream,” continued “The Spider, “who had not spoken of his situation outside of some vague statements but had expressed interest. in boxing with the pugilistic legend . Silva, whose case is handled by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), said his legal team is working on the situation, and responded to the notion of withdrawing if he receives an extended suspension with laughter: “I love fighting, it’s in my heart, this is my life.

And as for the notion of having damaged his legacy with what would be his second case of doping, Silva said the issue is complicated. To explain, The Spider posed a situation similar to that experienced by his friend Lyoto Machida , who confessed to having used a supplement that contained a substance recently banned without knowing that it was missing: “Many people talk about it, it’s easy to talk, but for the athlete is difficult. We use different supplements and the rules are not easy, they change all the time.

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