Dana White Want Daniel Cormier to fight with Brock Lesnar


When Brock Lesnar appeared in the UFC to face Daniel Cormier when he got the full championship it seemed that at the beginning of this 2019 they would face each other. But eventually it will not happen. So, what is the situation at this moment?

Pending a more specific statement, Dana White has said this recently:

“Dana White: ‘I think Brock and Cormier want that fight. I owe Cormier a lot. Cormier wants that fight so Cormier will have it. ‘”

The president is committed to the champion having that fight. But it is not a concrete statement because it does not clarify much either . Besides that everything will depend on Brock Lesnar. He has a status to do what he wants so he will be the one to decide.

Let’s see what more news come to light in the coming months. We will be keeping a watch on this developing story as Cormier has let his intentions know as soon as 2019 began he is reported to be looking forward to a match with Lesnar, but it still yet early to say if it will happen but if Dana White’s statement is anything to go on it seems there is definitely talk about it happening this year.

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