Conor McGregor Makes History Again


Conor McGregor somehow or other managed to make history or at least talk about it, this time he is awarded the unusual record of more days without defending the title.

McGregor became the first fighter to simultaneously own two UFC titles. That lasted two weeks, since he vacated the featherweight title, but stayed with the lightweight champion.

The year 2017 he spent the year focused on his possible fight boxing against Floyd Mayweather fight that finally takes place in August of the same year, losing by TKO in the tenth round, said in passing this fight will generate millionaire income to your account banking

This February 18th Conor surpassed the mark of Anthony Pettis who had 462 days without defense the title, last Monday was overtaken by Conor McGregor and we continue counting the days.

Conor McGregor Table

The above table chart shows the list in order of most to minor of some fighters and their days without defending the title.

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