Tyron Woodley – “I prefer not to talk about Dana White”


In recent statements, Tyron Woodley talked about his recovery, as well as about the comments Dana White has made about him.

“I breathed deeply, I took a weekend, I did not have much sleep because I’m always working, and I’m clearing everything up. I’m concentrating on recovering from my shoulder. One by one, everyone will get these hands. I do not know the order, I do not know who will be next, but I never wanted to go around and not continue defending my belt. I’ve been here for a while and I plan on hitting everyone.

“People have a short-term memory of what I’ve been able to do: 11 wins, nine in the first round, some of the most ruthless KOs in UFC history. Those statistics are never mentioned. So if you want to talk about Dana White, I’d rather not do it. I focus on being successful.

“I want to bury the ax with everything, because at the end of the day many people say: ‘Why do not you fight?’ I had surgery on December 19, 2017 . We are exactly eight weeks away from that point. “

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