Chuck Norris Reveals How Bruce Lee Really Died In This Rare Interview


Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee are two incredible and legendary martial artists. Chuck may have gone on to become a living meme, but Bruce suffered a tragic death, much too soon.

The two were close friends and often trained together, as Chuck reveals in this rare candid interview. They spent the entire night training in a hotel lobby together once.
Chuck also goes on to dispel some of the rumors and fake news that was surrounding Bruce Lee’s death at the time. This is an older clip, but still very interesting to listen to Here.

Some have said it was “the touch of death”, others have said it was due to some kind of drug addiction, but Chuck Norris clarifies that it was due to the interaction between two different prescription drugs he was taking for two different things.

Brandon Lee, son of Bruce, also died tragically at a much too young age.

To this day, there is nothing but respect in the world of martial arts for the Lee family.

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