10 Wrestlers Who Are So Jacked That They Look Like Videogame Characters


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Professional wrestling is known for being the home of huge dudes. Yes, there have been the Mick Foleys, the Rey Mysterios and the CM Punks, who achieved major success without ever being able to lift a car over their head. For the most part, though, ridiculously muscular frames have been the standard.

But while inhumanly large physiques have been standard, some wrestlers have even stood out among the rest. Some dudes just don’t seem to be built in a way that seems physically possible.

So who are some of the wrestlers who are so ripped, and so jacked that they don’t seem to fit in with the rest of humanity? Read on.

Braun Strowman

The newest addition to the WWE is likely their strongest. Braun Strowman (aka Braun Stowman, aka Adam Scherr) is a former strongman competitor, taking gold medals in various competitions that involve lifting big, heavy things. Today, Strowman lifts big, heavy wrestlers, mainly Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, who he enjoys bear hugging into submission.

William Muldoon


William Muldoon was basically the original professional wrestler. In the 1800s, when pro wrestling was a literal traveling circus,  Muldoon pioneered…well, pretty much everything that remains  today. From fixing fights to wearing a costume to being a character to taking acting lessons to just generally being MAD SWOLE, he did everything!
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