Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka Facing Murder Charges


It’s been a very, very long time coming but WWE legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is now facing third-degree murder and manslaughter charges for the 1983 death of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino. The news was first reported by The Morning Call. Snuka was arrested at his home in New Jersey on Tuesday, and was sent to jail with bail set at $100,000.


Snuka’s 2010 appearance in the WWE on RAW, alongside the Usos and Tamina.

Argentino died in 1983 at age 23. She was discovered by Snuka in their hotel room on May 10 after Snuka returned from a WWF taping, unable to breath and “oozing yellow fluid from her mouth and nose.” She was pronounced dead on May 11 and while Snuka was noted as a person of interest in the case, he didn’t face any charges until recently. An autopsy determined that the cause of death was traumatic brain injuries, and uncovered dozens of cuts and bruises all across her body, a possible sign of “mate abuse”. The case became cold three weeks later on June 1, 1983.


The case was re-opened in 2014 following an investigation by The Morning Call that unveiled a never-before-seen autopsy that labeled the cause of death a homicide. Snuka claimed innocence of any wrongdoing in his 2012 autobiography.
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