Video: Watch Fighter Knockout Referee and Opponent At The Same Time


Sometimes things in the Octagon or Ring can get pretty crazy but this is the first time in fighting history that this has happened. This fighter lands a solid kick in the referee face just as the fight ends.

Muay Thai is a well renowned sport can be one the most physically challenging and dangerous within combat sports. This sport is time honored and well respected around the world and at times  has resulted in someone is laying on the canvas knocked out or with broken bones this being said I would be conceivable that the referee here would have been watching damage not only to the losing opponent but also to himself. It know that at times as the end is coming near referee sometimes jump in to save the losing fighter, however this one seem to have jump in just at the wrong time for him maybe the right time for the losing opponent.

Truly A Double Knockout

We have seen many time a referee getting hit in MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai but this time the losing fighter was also knocked out at the same time in the process. You can hear the commentators total shock and disbelieve at what had just happened. It fortunately that the referee comes through quickly but even then it is clear that he sustained some damage and is totally dazed as he tries to get his composure back. The winner seems some what not concern at what has happened or either he not appreciate the fullness of what he has just done. We have to take time to truly commend this referee and all referees out there that put themselves in harms way at every fight to ensure clean and fair play. These guys many times go unrecognized when the fight is over but their role in combat sports is vital and obviously dangerous.

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