Backyard Fight Ends In Brutal Knockout


Many MMA fans dream about being a professional fighter, however as we said it takes more than just brute force to fight pro style. These two guys take one each other in a backyard fight competition with no gloves.

Needless to say in just 30 seconds the guy in the white shirt is brutally and quickly knocked out cold. He literally falls to ground and starts snoring.  Good luck these guys are all friends and they quickly come to his aid. However MMA, fighting is for professionals and should not be taken lightly. However some pro fighters have had success stories from backyard fighting such as the late Kimbo Slice who died tragically in 2016.

Notice how the bareback guy pushes his opponent away creating some distance between them be then landing a punch to the side of his face. However, from the video the punch does not look coordinated but rather like just a lucky hit which knocks his opponent out cold.

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