VIDEO: Kevin Lee Taken to Hospital after UFC Rochester Loss


Kevin Lee arrived at UFC Rochester wanting to resume the path of victory after a previous defeat. It will never be known what the judges would have ruled if the fight had ended after five rounds or if it had continued, but Rafael Dos Anjos Defeated Kevin Lee by Submission in the fourth round.

And the bad news for “The Motown Phenom” did not end there. Having seen both his reaction and that of his rival to the battle, now it is confirmed that he had to be transferred to the hospital.

” Kevin Lee was taken to the hospital after his loss to Rafael Dos Anjos.”

They moved Kevin Lee to a local hospital , according to his manager.

Nothing has been said yet about his state of health but there is no reason to worry . Probably they had him under observation for a few hours and everything will be fine. Anyway, we will be attentive to any news about this issue.

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