Conor McGregor Mocks Rafael Dos Anjos After His Victory


Rafael Dos Anjos achieved an important victory on just a few hours ago, and it came at the right time as he was coming in from a two-game losing streak. He continues among the main names of the welterweight and it seems that he will continue his career in this division. It is early to know what his next step will be, but he wants to be a champion.

Rafael Dos Anjos

Many people are happy with the victory of the Brazilian fighter and do not hesitate to share it, as is the case with reporter Josh Gross. He published a tweet recalling that Dos Anjos could not fight Conor McGregor a few years ago because of an injury. This caught the attention of the Irish fighter, who responded

RDA (Rafael Dos Anjos)is a hell of a fighter. He simply outperformed Kevin Lee. Can’t help but think back to that lost chance against Conor McGregor and what could have been

Another fan tried to correct “The Notorious” by showing that it was more than a broken finger. But it did not work very well

Lol my bad, I didn’t know it was actually just a bruise.

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