Video: Ex Chilean boxer Fights 2 Car Jacking Thieves


A man of thirty years has his name initials IMM. Recently stopped a car being stolen in the Chilean city of Punta Arenas. He did not wish to be identified but was known for the newspaper El Magallanico, which was a boxer.

He needed his skills in the sport, in addition to a lot of courage to confront these two low lifes, not only to stop them stealing the car but also to deal with thieves who did not plan to leave empty-handed. Although they did it, in the end, thanks to his vigilance. Now, let’s see what happened thanks to this video which was published by the 10th Zone Emergency Club:

#PuntaArenas Un delincuente tuvo la mala fortuna de que el dueño lo sorprendiera al interior de su vehículo… Esto fue lo que pasó

Posted by Club de Emergencias Décima Región on Monday, March 18, 2019

This guy recounted what happened:

“I saw the person inside the car, and he had a blade, maybe to cut the wires, then before he did anything, I hit him and drove him out of the car, where the other man who was carrying a bottle in his hand, so before he was released, you lowered it too. “

Fortunately, not everything came because the car was not stolen and the former boxer did not suffer any significant damage. It’s unfortunate that this kind of thing happens. The thieves fled before being arrested.

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