Watch The Highlights of Jose Aldo’s Heartbreaking Defeat At The Hands of Max Holloway


Max Holloway put on a career-defining performance against Jose Aldo after getting off to a rocky start in the early rounds.

In front of his hometown crowd, Jose Aldo suffered a devastating loss. It’s impossible to not love Aldo, and a lot of fans admit they feel his losses the hardest, moreso than most other fighters. Seeing Jose lose is tough because he’s such a respectful, respectable guy and has been such a great champion during his reigns across multiple promotions.

Seeing Aldo go down in 13 seconds against Conor was heart breaking after he put up with constantly trash talk and abuse, just waiting to do his talking inside the cage. Against Max, nobody can call it a “lucky punch” or downplay the accomplishments of Aldo’s opponent, Max was simply the better fighter.

Max Holloway is a monster, he gets better each fight and he’s still only 25 years old. Don’t write Aldo off just yet, he’s only lost to absolute beasts, and can still beat just about anybody in the division on any given night, but you still have to feel for the guy. You’ll notice Max and his team weren’t even celebrating that crazy, it’s like they had too much respect for Aldo and the Brazilian crowd to really want to rub it in.

These guys are real martial artists in every sense of the word, they put on a great fight, and we give tons of respect to both of them.

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