Top 10 Mike Tyson Knock Outs


As the next legendary fight of the titan is coming in 7 days the famous UFC champ Conor McGregor against mega boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr. is set for the T-mobile arena in Las Vegas Nevada on august 26. Yesterday McGregor gave his own predictions of how the fight will go stating he expect it to be a quick KO. It is fitting to look a at one of boxing greats the champ Mike Tyson. We complied 10 best Mike Tyson knockout.

Our top 10 list down to number to one.

where Tyson vs.

10. Buster Mathis

9.  Tillman

8.  Bruno

7. Marvis Frazier

6. Etienne

5. Williams

4. Botha

3. Holmes

2. Berbick

and this one top our list

  1. Spinks

Conor is hoping to make put Floyd on his list of KO but it not going to be easy Mayweather has some good Tyson moves up his belt too.

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