Conor McGregor will face civil suit for the incident in Florida


The former UFC champion Conor McGregor will face a civil lawsuit after being arrested in Florida for damaging the stealing the phone from a fan who tried to photograph him.

Miami Dade county court records showAhmed Abdirizak , 22, filed a lawsuit claiming more than $ 15,000, accusing McGregor of assault and leaving him emotional damage after the incident.

Miami Beach police said McGregor left theFontainebleau Miami Beach HotelMonday morning when Abdirizak tried to photograph the Irishman. The police indicated that he took the phone from his hand and threw it to the floor, kicking him on several occasions.

The investigators added to the file that McGregor took the phone and left the place. Hours later he was arrested on charges of theft and criminal damage.

The lawyer for The Notorious called the lawsuit“a quick way to get a payment.” Regardless the lawyer maybe right it that does not make Conor McGregor right  for what the did or that he should be allow to get away with paying the guy for what he did.

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