Video: Tony Ferguson Trains Kicking Pipe To Condition Shins


Recently the Tony Ferguson the pro fighter that we have come to know for some of his clean and well-executed moves in the octagon. Has been in the spotlight but not for his performance but concerns about his mental health. So serious are these concerns about Ferguson that his wife of six years took out a court restraining order against him. Many of the fans and UFC supports such as Dana White and Conor McGregor has rallied their support around the pro fighter at this time in his life. It is has been suggested and is a known accepted fact that exercise can reduce stress and is good for you not only physically but also mentally.

Ferguson has seen success in the Octagon and seems to be on the road to recover based on reports from Tony’s twitter account “psychologist appointment went well” See video below of Ferguson preparation before his UFC 223 fight against Khabib even though in the end he had to withdraw due to injury. This is the kind of action he should be practicing now to release some of the stress that combat sport brings not only to him but to most players.

UFC 223: Ferguson vs Khabib

Welcome to the El Cucuy camp. Tony "El Cucuy" Ferguson #UFC223

Posted by UFC on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Even as recently Conor McGregor seems to have flipped when a fan wanted to take a video of him. We can all understand being in the spotlight brings its own level of stress.

In terms of exercise, we saw Ferguson practice kicking a metal pipe to strengthen his shin, we don’t recommend this to the untrained individuals as this can cause serious bone and muscle damage if not done correctly. See video below of Tony Ferguson power kick this pipe

As for this continued recovery, we all anticipate it will be a long journey but stay fit and we look forward to seeing you back in the Octagon real soon. Exercise is not only for pro fighters is good for the body and mind you can keep fit also Click here to download the BodyBuilding app to your mobile and get access to latest exercise, diets, and body sculpting techniques


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