Aww Poor T.J. Dillashaw ‘Went for two belts, comes away with none’ Social Media Reacts


It has been announced yesterday that TJ Dillashaw was surrendering his belt and would lose his title due to a positive drug test by the USADA. Social media has been abuzz with reactions that Dillashaw relinquishing the UFC bantamweight title as a result. As we reported yesterday. Dillashaw via his Instagram account announced he will voluntarily relinquish the UFC bantamweight title after failing a USADA drug test which stemmed from his flyweight title defeat to champion Henry Cejudo.

It was just weeks ago that Dillashaw was trying to add a second UFC world title to his collection, Now he is left without a title belt and has been issued with a one-year ban to run retroactively from his January 19 loss to Cejudo. And as expected this shocking news has started to trickle across and eventually dominated the MMA social circles here are some of the early reactions today about this developing story. Dillashaw has been very quiet about what the substance was he tested positive for so far.

It seems this news has shaken up the entire MMA community. 

Some are already calling for his belt

This is a real set back for Dillashaw, we don’t know as yet if he intentionally took the drugs or substance he tested positive for. However, this situation is a real shock and embarrassment for Dillashaw and his fan.

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