Street Fighter underestimates MMA Fighter


A fight can happen at any time. They say it takes two to tango as the saying goes. In many instances it just one person fighting while the other is just defending.  In this case it that did not happen: The Street Fighter underestimates an MMA fighter.

These two friends or acquaintances started a fight for fun, to prove something between them and naturally the others watching on, and for whatever reasons they might have. The guy in black landed a good punch to his opponent at first but then his opponent decided to use his learned skills mixed martial arts.

What happened next? You can see video below

What Your Reaction (click below)

Finally, the other guys who were watching them when to separate so the thing wouldn’t go any further. It should be mentioned that what they should have done is not allowing that to happen. One thing is a fight under rules, with an umpire, with trained people, and another thing is this. Fortunately, the situation was no worse.

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