Video: Bully Get Knocked Out MMA Style In Front of His Girlfriend


As we all know it is important to teach teenagers to stay out of trouble. However, at the same time, we need to teach them how to defend themselves from bullies. In this video, the bully the guy in the white shirt decides to pick a fight with the fellow in the black shirt in order to impress his girlfriend.

We not sure if she stays with him after the beating he got, maybe she was impressed but in the wrong way. The bully really does not have much fighting skills. His punches have no form and his stance is weak which cause him to be brutally knockout. Watch Video Below

“Don’t let him B#tch you like that … You gonna learn to respect me”

You can hear his girlfriend in the background saying “Don’t let him b#tch you”. But there is no respect in bully someone. We guess she too does not know this. The other guys subdue this bully and do the honorable thing; which is to teach him a lesson and then talk away. See Video Below

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The guys have lots of potential the manner how he executed that suplex move then subdue this bully was impressive. He should be training MMA, might have a bright future ahead of him. Regardless, this is a good lesson for the bully and show off, that it does not pay to fight to impress a girl.

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