Someone Made a Video Of All The Times Dana White Blatantly Lied To Us


Here’s a hilarious video showcasing some, but actually probabally not all, of the times that Dana White has blatantly lied to fans. On second thought, it would take a lot more than 5 minutes to catalog all of those times…

From promised title shots, to saying certain fights would never return, to a lot more… it’s all here, so peep this:

Can you think of any famous Dana White fibs that didn’t make the video? Let us know in the comments!

Now, we all understand that Dana is a promoter and it’s his job to sell fights and if he wasn’t so good at it then the MMA landscape would be very different right now, but that’s not a free pass either. In all fairness, Dana has also been very cool to a lot of fans over the years, so he gets a bit of leeway for that too, but it’s still fun to think back to some of the wild claims he’s made over the years. Did he plan on keeping these promises, and just wasn’t able to? In any case, shoutout to Dana for helping make the UFC what it is, and for taking risks to get MMA into the mainstream.

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