Ronda Rousey’s Coach Reveals Why She Won’t Fight Again


Ronda Rousey’s Judo coach has some interesting insights into her career, and what happens next, and says he doesn’t anticipate her wanting to fight again. It’s worth noting this is just his opinion on the matter, but he’s added a lot more substance to the conversation than anyone else who has weighed in, and certainly has a unique point of view on her career and where her head is at. Justin Flores has worked closely with Ronda on her judo game, the strongest part of her overall MMA skillset.

Here are his thoughts on the possibility of a Rousey-return, and why he doesn’t see it happening, at least not anytime soon:

“Oh man, there are a lot of layers to that. […] I would support her, but personally I don’t think it’s in the cards. I don’t think that’s what she wants in this time of her life. I mean, I’m not discounting anything – maybe later. But I just don’t see that being something she wants to jump into and focus full force to be the best. Because if she’s gonna do anything, from what I know about her, she’s gonna do it to be the best. And not that I don’t think that she can be the best. It’s just, I just don’t know if her body and her mind at this stage in her life, if that’s what’s right for her.

She’s competed her whole life. Her whole life has been about being the best, and I just think personally, the best thing is for her to kind of be okay with herself not as a fighter. So I love her to death, dude. I just know the pain she’s gone through physically – doing this forever, multiple surgeries, concussions, broken bones, weight-cutting. All those things add up and take its toll, and it’s accumulative. So being 30 years old now and doing this since you were 8 years old non-stop, I mean, the mileage you’ve put on your body and that she’s put on her body, I just don’t think, if she wants to, you know, live a long, happy life and raise kids with Travis, which I know that’s the future, I just don’t think that’s something I feel like would be in her best interests.”

So, Ronda’s got family on the mind, she was just engaged, she wants to have Travis’ big strong caveman babies, and she can put this part of her life in the past. She has nothing to be ashamed of about her career, she competed hard and was a trailblazer for putting wMMA on the map, and her net worth is certainly enough to carry her for the rest of her life if she’s not spending it too frivolously.

It’s worth nothing that Ronda hasn’t officially announced her retirement, but everyone seems to kind of be taking it for granted. Who knows, maybe the new owners will toss her a cheque that can’t be passed up for a huge money fight. Hey Gina, you busy?

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