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Science Says 95% Of Women Who Lift Have Hemorrhoids

Too Hot For TV

Forget about the bacon and cancer study, here’s the newest study that’s got everyone talking. 

A new study revealed that just about every woman that lifts heavy weights has a mild-to-severe case of recurring hemorrhoids.


About 4-5% of American adults are suffering from hemorrhoids right now, and about 75% will get them at some point in their lives [source], but that number is MUCH higher for ladies who hit the gym. Not only will nearly every woman that lift weights on a regular basis get hemorrhoids at some point in her life, nearly all of them already have it right now.  This new study reveals that 95% of ladies that lift seriously are dealing with roids.


If you’re a lady who is reading this and shaking your head thinking “I don’t have hemorrhoids,” just consider yourself one of the lucky ones because you are 1 in 20 women who aren’t constantly plagued by this uncomfortable affliction.


Editor’s note: The researchers admit that due to the personal nature of this study, they don’t have as large of a sample size as they would have liked and it’s possible that the actual number of female lifters currently with hemorrhoids is a bit lower, closer to 87-92%. 

So what is it that causes the rate of hemorrhoids to be so much more common amongst women at the gym, compared to the rest of the popular and even compared to men that lift? Scientists around the world are scrambling to find the correlation, and a few theories have emerged…


The first theory, by a team of sports nutrition researchers in Iceland, is that the extra testosterone in men who lift acts as a deterrent for hemorrhoids, whereas the increased levels in female lifters mixed with their estrogen causes the hormones to interact in a strange way.


There’s even a rogue theory that the hemorrhoids are caused in particular by squatting and the friction that those movements place on the female genitalia.

More research is necessary, and that won’t be possible without breaking down the taboos and having people come forward to help with future studies so tag a friend who’s probably got some swollen veins on their booty. We’re here to raise awareness, but we can’t do it without your help.


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