The Downsides Of Having Sex With a Female Bodybuilder


Can you handle the touch of a jacked woman? 

Here’s the scene. You’re in a bar, it’s dark, it’s late, you’re alone. You make eyes with a mysterious woman on the other side of the room. She walks over, strikes up a conversation, you can’t quite tell if her voice is sultry and sexy from years of cigarettes and whiskey, or if it’s just straight up deep.

Hello, handsome...

Hello, handsome…

In these colder months, you can’t really tell what a chick’s working with thanks to pants and sweaters, but you can get a rough idea. She looks fit. Shoulders are kinda broad, but it’s 1:30am, what could go wrong?


You look over at the bartender out of the corner of your eye, he shrugs.

You and your new friend make a beeline for the door (which she opens for you), and now it’s going down for real.

Whose Place?

"And this is my bedroom..."

“And this is my bedroom…”

Whose place should you go back to? There’s no right answer. If she comes to your place, she’s going to sit on your furniture and probably break it. If you go back to her place, you’ll probably end up having to bang on a bench press and you might step on a dirty needle. You’ll take your chances with the broken furniture.

The worst part is up next.
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