Chael Sonnen Makes Pro Wrestling Debut: May Be The Greatest Heel Of All Time


Chael Sonnen long straddled the line between MMA and pro wrestling, but that changed last week, when the former UFC middleweight made his debut with Global Force Wrestling. Check out this video

Sonnen played the role of heel (bad guy) commentator, which is precisely what fans would expect, given his long history of lobbing insults. He cut a promo on the fans in attendance, as well as fellow former fighter Phil Baroni and implied that he may enter into a rivalry with Baroni “come August.”

GFW was founded in 2014, and held its first show in June, with tapings starting last week, on July 24. The organization is owned by former WWE and WCW wrestler Jeff Jarrett, and has a roster that includes hot modern acts like the Young Bucks and Colt Cabana, as well as old favorites like Scott Steiner and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. The next taping session will take place August 21 in Las Vegas, and could be the starting point for the rivalry between Sonnen and Baroni.

The American Gangster has always flaunted his love of pro wrestling. He commentated an MMA event (Battlegrounds MMA) alongside longtime WWE personality Jim Ross last year, and is buddy-buddy with wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hopefully we get to see him actually competing in the ring next month.

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