Russian President Vladimir Putin is a Judo Black Belt, Watch Him on The Mat


Putin is the archetypical badass. 

Politics aside, you can’t deny that he’s a bad dude. At 63 he’s still hitting the mats and training martial arts, hitting the gym, and making super-power moves on a regular basis.


Not only does he practise martial arts, he excels. He’s a black belt in Judo, and started winning tournaments at the age of 14. Putin started in Sambo at the age of 12. He’s definitely not the only world leader to practise martial arts (Canada’s Prime Minister won a boxing match against a political rival when he knocked out a Senator), but Putin could definitely kick all of their asses.


He has wrestled with the Russian national team at St-Petersburg.

In Judo, he holds a 6th dan (which is pretty damn advanced), and he’s got a lethal Harai Goshi. Here’s Ronda doing Putin’s signature move:


Here’s what happened when Putin put on a demo to show off his martial arts skills.

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