Ronda Rousey Predicted Exactly How Her Fight Against Holly Holm Would End


They call Conor McGregor the Mystic Mac because he doesn’t just pick how he’ll win, he picks the round too. Ronda’s well on her way to Mystic status.


On a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she predicted exactly how her fight with Holly Holm would go and everything played out exactly how Ronda expected.


She said that Holly would try to get in her head, get her frustrated, which was obvious from the weigh-ins and Ronda’s after-the-bell shot at the end of Round 1. Although it seems Ronda did that to her herself, Holly wasn’t doing anything to get in Ronda’s head.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 1.09.39 PM

Then Ronda predicted that Holly would use Ronda’s frustration to cause Ronda to make a mistake, before proceeding to kick Ronda in the head.

So it was spoken, and so it was….

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