Ronda Rousey Posts ‘Rocky’ Quote to her Boyfriends Wife


Ronda Rousey has been caught up in a very public social media spat with her boyfriends wife. Jenna Renee Webb, the estranged wife of Rousey’s boyfriend, UFC fighter Travis Browne, posted a picture mocking the engagement ring Rousey was wearing on Saturday Night Live.


Webb, Travis Browne’s wife and soon to be ex-wife has made statements about how she was domestically abused by Travis when they were together. This is what brought on the post she done recently as she showed her shock at Rousey wearing a engagement ring. Which incidentally Rousey and her team have denied its an engagement ring. Webb said in the mocking meme: “Is Ronda wearing a promise ring? As in “I promise not to hit you like my current wife” ring? Jenna Renee Webb also wrote: “When he hits you across your pretty face, don’t worry I’ll be right here to say #IToldYouSo,”

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