Police footage shows that when Jon Jones hit a woman with his car, he was carrying a pipe, munchies, and a “sh*tload” of condoms


Here’s a 911 call that a woman made to report the car accident involving UFC champ Jon Bones Jones, overlaid on top of police footage from the scene of the crime. Everyone’s been talking about the fact that Jones ran back to the car after fleeing the scene to pick up a bunch of cash, but this video shows that there’s still a lot of cash in the car

There’s nothing funny about hitting a pregnant woman with your car, but this clip has some hilarious choice quotes like…

  • “A shitload of condoms.”
  • “Dude, I wonder if this is that fighter’s car?!”
  • “Well, he’s fucked.”
  • “I wouldn’t want to get in a 32 with him. I’d just fuckin’ taze him.”
  • “He’s a little taller than our Sergeant. Like, double almost…”

On a more serious note, could brain damage have contributed to Jon Jones’ impulsive behaviour? Joe Rogan thinks so…

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