Marquardt Blames Judges For Loss, Wants Vitor Rematch Outside of Brazil


A couple of seasoned vets fought in Brazil, and Nate Marquardt was not pleased with the results of the decision. Many fighters have commented on the judges in Brazil favoring Brazilian fighters over the years, but what do you guys think of this one? Who did you have winning the fight?

Nate Marquardt is calling for a rematch against Vitor Belfort, except this time he insists that the fight DOESN’T take place in Brazil.

image via decisionbot

It was a close fight, but Nate believed it wasn’t that close. None the less, members of the media have his back too, but still – very close…


  • 7/20 people scored it 29-28 Belfort.
  • 13/20 people scored it 28-29 Marquardt.

So it’s not really the worst decision of all time, a lot of people had it really close, it’s really a pick-em, it could have gone either way. Do you want to see these two guys square off again, in America, or would you rather see them fight someone else next?

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