Is Dana White Trying To Kill The UFC?


Dana played a huge role as a promoter and president in building the UFC and turning the company around, along with the help from some of his old friends who had bags and bags of money. Dana convinced them to buy the struggling UFC, worked incredibly hard and helped build the premiere fighting brand in the world.

Dana White deserves credit for his role in the UFC’s rise to dominance, and if he was a timid guy with a soft personality, it’s tough to imagine the UFC being where it is – but now that he’s cashed out hundreds of millions, you have to wonder if he’s starting to do more harm than good, and why…

The new owners of the UFC kept Dana White on board becasue he knows the ins and outs of the business, he knows the fighters, he knows how it all works… we simply can’t downplay his importance. Dana White is also kind of a scapegoat, when the UFC does something greasy, dishonest, or just plain wrong – Dana’s there to be the face that takes the heat.

It’s an important job. He’s kind of like Ticketmaster in that sense… Ticketmaster adds all these extra fees and costs on top of the “Actual ticket price” so that fans will get pissed off at Ticketmaster instead of getting pissed off at their favorite bands. Ticketmaster takes the heat so the performers don’t have to, just like Dana White takes the heat for the UFC and gets paid a lot to do so…

But things are starting to unravel.

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