Nate Diaz’s Dirty Response To Conor McGregor’s Latest Tweet


McGregor Connor recently wrote a provocative reflection on his loss of submission to Diaz Knight three years ago in 1966. However, Nate responded to the ‘notorious’ cheap stunt to say that he was able to move forward in their return match. The rival McGregor-Diaz is One of the classic competitions all times in the UFC where a pair of fights lead to opposite (mirror image) results backfired in UFC 196 and 202 UFC. The exploits of the badminton champion were then exploited to break through the backside stifled nude in the second round of their first match at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. After three months, MacGregor came back with a unanimous decision to bite the nails to beat Diaz in their fifth round match in the “Arena” T-Mobile. On the third anniversary of the loss of the stellar Stockton on Tuesday, McGregor wrote some words encouraging people not to give up after the initial disaster.


Then quickly the reflected how he rose to fame and victory on his rematch with Nate



In Real Life Your Dead … [Conor McGregor]

Regardless of his absence, former Strikeforce champion, on the other hand, is still getting the attension from various UFC fighters, including McGregor. The Irish star wants to fight Nate in a triple bout if the UFC matches up Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz for UFC 237. Nothing is certain as yet but recent reports has suggested that younger Diaz could be back soon as he still has to train hard and is, in fact, in a better position now.“He’s training hard.   

33-year-old Nate Diaz, has not re-entered the Octagon since losing to McGregor in 2016 but because he responded to the ‘return’ of his competitor’s reflection on Twitter with a burning statement.   

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