Nate Diaz Says UFC Titles Are Stupid and So is Your Face


Nate Diaz doesn’t care about the UFC title. That might sound crazy because for the entire modern era of the UFC (from 2003 on), the UFC title has been THE thing everyone is fighting for. Nate Diaz, though, does not care about some flattened metal glued onto leather.

Conor McGregor is getting a do-over after...this.

This right here was way bigger than any title fight, and you can’t deny it.

Diaz had an incredibly compelling interview with UFC Tonight and called the UFC title a “fairytale”, openly stating that he didn’t care for the title itself and the prestige attached to it.  He only cared about the dollars that the title brought with it.

This isn't worth anything more than the leather it's made of and the gold it's plated with.

This isn’t worth anything more than the leather it’s made of and the gold it’s plated with.

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