Mom Live Streams Herself Attacking Her Daughter For Being Promiscuous


Remember that video of the dad who boxed his son? That guy ended up getting arrested and losing custody. Trying to teach your kid a tough lesson is one thing, but it’s no excuse for committing actual child abuse and domestic violence. It’s never really okay for a parent to shame their children online, that’s just not good parenting.

These parents are usually frustrated at their own shortcomings and failings, and so they take it out on their kids. Now obviously if a kid’s misbehaving, you need to do something about it, but maybe beating them, filming it, and begging the internet to make it go viral isn’t the best move?

If this mom was worried about her daughter acting badly, she basically just sealed the deal and guaranteed the kid’s going to keep it up. You don’t get the impression from this video that the mom is a very great role model either. It seems like she’s really concerned for her daughter, but she shows it in a dangerous way.

Check out the controversial video and let us know what you think: 

Should the mom have laid off a bit, or is she justified in doing this? Do you think she should be punished, or is it up to her to decide how she disciplines her kid?

Notice how the mom fixes her hair at the end of the video and asks for it to go viral? It seems like she’s just using her daughter to try to get attention for herself, but that’s a very negative type of attention. Either that, or she’s honestly trying to ruin her daughter’s life and completely embarrass her in front of as many people as possible.  At the end of the day, it looks like she’s mostly worried about her daughter turning out like her.

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