Jon Jones Needed Estrogen Blockers Because he was Growing Actual Boobs


First and foremost, we’re not saying that the fact that Jon Jones tested positive for estrogen blocks means that he was cycling off of steroids. It’s usually why a man would take estrogen blockers, and USADA says it’s viable way to catch a cheat, but we can’t say with 100% certainty.

One thing that is known is that Jones tested positive for a prescription-level estrogen blocker, so it’s very unlikely that the positive test result was due to contaminated supplements. This is an excuse that a lot of fighters have been using, but supplement companies don’t make prescription level estrogen blockers, so that excuse is out the window for Bones.

Jon Jones has been vocally against PEDs in the past, so hopefully this is all just a big misunderstand and his name is cleared soon.

Now, a known side effect of steroids is that men will start to grow breasts, like, actual meaty boobs… There are some really terrible examples of it out there. Jones’ case isn’t the worst, but take a look at the definition of his muscles right after his weight cut back at UFC 159. The reason people take estrogen blockers is to reduce the female hormones that create breasts in the first place.

He’s got abs, low body fat, in solid shape, but still rocking a pair of round teddies on his chest. You could hold a pencil under those things. If you lay him down outside, you can use them to tell time since they cast such huge shadows.


This was even before his power lifting days when he really started to go balls to the walls and started hanging out with some of the juiciest bodybuilders in the world.

Here’s Big Ramy, who is sponsored by the same supplement brand as Jones:

He’s one of the top competitive bodybuilders on earth. They have the same sponsor, but it doesn’t appear that they trained together.


During his bulking up power lifting phase, however, Jones did put in gym work with Sadik, another top competitive bodybuilder.


The worst kept secret in bodybuilding is the use of ridiculous amounts of steroids. Just because Jones is hanging out with top bodybuilders, that doesn’t mean he’s guilty by association, but these are the guys who know where to get “the good stuff”.

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