Man Breaks Into Closed Store, Steals Food, Refuses To Leave, So The Police Go MMA On His Ass


We all hate showing up somewhere to grab some food and a drink, only to find out they’re closed. Usually, like most decent people, we just go somewhere else. But not this guy.

Even when the police show up and try to reason with him, he just refuses to leave. He won’t do it. Words aren’t working, he stands his ground (Or sits, as the case may be…)

So, finally, the police need to do something to get this guy to leave.

So they casually put him in a choke hold (Well, kind of, the choke is open – he’s not restricted at first, not until later…)

The guy keeps resisting, so the other officer grabs an arm, and now it’s a 2v1.

The guy continues trying to fight back when the second cop tries to cuff him, and it goes to the ground where he gets a legitimate choke slapped around his neck until he sleeps. It’s a lot easier to cuff someone who is asleep.

Look, we’re all for standing up for your rights, but you don’t have the right to be in a business when it’s closed and to steal food and drinks, and you should probabally deal with your police issues in court rather than in the streets, because the latter never ends well.

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