The ‘Hulk’ against ‘Big Foot’ Fight


The entire match lasted just 40 minutes and took place in an abandoned parking lot in a municipality located north of London. The images of a skillful fist fight that took place last December. This video of the contest has already exceeded 70,000 views on YouTube in less than a month.

The contenders, Joe Joyce Junior and Patrick Nevin (whose nicknames are ‘Hulk’ and ‘Big Foot’, respectively ), agreed to give themselves a year of training to prepare for the fight, according to the  Daily Mail.  Joyce, who wears blue shorts in the video, was declared the winner by technical knockout after scoring several punches to his rival, which left him with a bruises and bloody face.

See full video below:

The family of each fighter bet 30,000 pounds sterling. In this way, the winner was awarded a total of 60,000 pounds (about $ 80,000). This was good money for an MMA/Boxing amateur fight.

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