Here’s What You Missed at UFC Fight Night 95: Referee Gets Attacked, Worst Cut Ever?


UFC Fight Night 95 was a “one fight card”. And by “one fight” we mean “one massacre”. And that massacre, as you probably gathered from the headline, was delivered by none other Cris “Cyborg” Justino.

There were some other things on the card, sure, but you probably didn’t watch that…BUT WE DID! Here’s what you missed:

Cris Cyborg Mauled Some Swedish Woman

Photo by Sherdog.

Photo by Sherdog.

Cris Cyborg did Cris Cyborg things to Lina Lansberg in the main event. If you’ve seen any Cyborg fight, you basically saw this one. She dominated the clinch in the first round, roughing Lansberg up and taking her down. In the second round, she cracked her with a right hand and beat the heck out of her until the referee remembered what mercy was. Notes:

  • While the fight was normal, there was a great deal of drama before and after surrounding the UFC’s unfair demands that she cut down to 140 pounds to compete in the UFC. While it’s a steady source of bad press, they’re likely to continue doing so.
  • Cyborg called out Ronda Rousey on the post-fight show. That remains the holy grail of MMA right now, but it’s probably not going to happen.
  • No clue what happens with either woman after this. Lansberg looked completely out of her depth, and could be cut. Cyborg might go back to Invicta…or might not.

Renan Barao Scores Convincing but Boring Win


Photo by Sherdog.

Renan Barao was the top pound for pound fighter for a hot minute, but he’s looked absolutely awful since that savage beating he got from TJ Dillashaw in 2014. He was given a tomato can to crush in Philipe Nover and he did so…but not in especially impressive fashion. Barao controlled the center of the cage, got the better of grappling exchanges and out-landed Nover to take a clear decision win. Notes:

  • This was a good win for Barao…but it didn’t really do much to reignite discussion of him as an elite fighter. He did enough to beat Nover, but didn’t blow him away.
  • As for Nover…yeah, he’s still not very good. He will always retain a place in history for Dana White’s blowhard “next Anderson Silva” claims, and those get funnier and funnier by the year.

Roy Nelson Kicked John McCarthy After a Win

Roy Nelson still punches really hard and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva still can’t take a punch. Guess what happened here? After a back and forth first round, Nelson found Silva’s chin with a right hand and knocked him down. A few more punches and that’s all they wrote…well, until Nelson ran across the ring and kicked the ref in the butt. Notes:

  • Nelson didn’t kick the ref, John McCarthy, very hard, but that’s not bad. Lightweight Jason High got cut from the UFC after shoving a ref that ended a fight (he felt) prematurely.
  • We probably won’t see him cut, though. Bellator would sign him in a heartbeat.
  • The beef came from Nelson saying McCarthy ended the fight late. It didn’t actually look bad, but Nelson said he could feel that it was a KO early, and didn’t like having to beat up a friend.

The Best of the Rest


Photo by @danawhite on Twitter.

  • Paul Felder’s face got torn off. See above.
  • Jussier Formiga’s really good at MMA. The top-five flyweight scored a great win over Dustin Ortiz. He’s still not gotten a crack at Demetrious Johnson yet, so we might see him fight the champ soon.

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