Video: Guy Tried To Sneak Up And Slice Man Throat, Got Knock Down With A 6 Piece Combo!


We all know that sometimes we get into heated arguments and women are not an exception to the rule. We have seen how quickly words can turn to blows as recent as last night as Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards exchange punches backstage the ESPN+ post-show at UFC Fight Night London at the Espn+ post-fight interview.

In the video featured below these two women are seen arguing with each other while the boyfriend of one of the women watches on and he does the honorable thing and not get physically involve between two women. The suddenly from his blind side the other lady boyfriend tries to sneak up behind him and cut his throat with a knife but he is able to avoid the attack and quickly knocks down the attacker with a 6 punch combo. See the video below:

We have consistently advocated that violence is not the way to resolve the conflict. However it unfortunate that these women had to come to such but what worse is that the man tries to cut a guy throat from behind while he is not looking. This is not only horrific in itself but very cowardly. He should at least face off with his rival in a fair hand to hand combat.

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